Ep 168: Redefining Education: Fostering Global Citizens, Embracing Change, and Prioritising Wellbeing - Featuring Ceri Jones, Headmaster, Caterham School

BritCham Singapore

01-11-2023 • 27 mins

In this podcast episode, our Executive Director, David Kelly, speaks with the Headmaster of Caterham School, Ceri Jones, discussing the importance of British education and exploring factors as to why it continues to be so highly regarded even as educational landscapes and needs have been subject to change over the years.

Through the conversation, Ceri highlights the need for students to develop a diverse toolkit of skills, including emotional self-regulation and adaptability, in addition to pursuing academic excellence. He also emphasises the role of well-being in students' success and the importance of creating inclusive school environments that allow for students to be their true selves and thrive - lending insights to some of the initiatives at Caterham School that have been set in place to foster global citizens that are equipped with the skills to adapt in an everchanging, rapidly globalising world.

The conversation explores the continued excellence of British education throughout the years, spotlighting its ability to adapt to changing needs and technologies, while focusing on building emotional intelligence and resilience, bringing to light the role of schools in preparing students for a rapidly changing world and the diverse pathways available to them after their education, including university, apprenticeships, and entrepreneurship.

Looking into the future, the discussion delves into the landscape for students as they progress through tertiary education, touching on the significance of emotional well-being in both education and the workplace and the role of businesses in supporting students in their transition to the workforce.

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