The Parents After Hours’ Podcast

Parents After hours

My wife and I started this podcast as a place to talk about relationships, marriage, life and the craziness and hard work that comes along with it. This podcast will range from parenting stories, random tangents and anything else that pops up during conversations in front of the mic. Parents After Hours is dedicated to producing heartfelt and raw content. We are a small podcast that was formed in theory on our patio over a cup of coffee and finally produced at our kitchen table. Parents After Hours is a small production with just us creating, editing and maintaining. Initially formed as a hobby and something to just kill time with, we’ve noticed that there has been quite an outreach to us to produce more content and to keep up the good work. What started as a way to kill time has quickly turned into a passion. While we wish to later grow and expand, right now we are absolutely loving creating content that our listeners love. We will continue to create content for our listeners and absolute have fallen in love with being in front of the mic. read less