The Nuggets are No Longer Perfect but Still Amazing

Fandom from Afar

09-11-2023 • 20 mins

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We're breaking down recent games and dissecting the team's performance, from their blowout loss against the Timberwolves to their impressive plays against the Mavericks and Bulls. Michael Porter Jr.'s defensive prowess is up for discussion, as we gush over his potential All-Star status. We lament the unfortunate injury Jamal Murray sustained during the condensed season schedule and underline the necessity of his full recovery.

Ever wondered what makes Jokic tick? We share a hilarious anecdote that perfectly encapsulates his character, while also admiring his conditioning efforts. Our confidence in the Nuggets' repeat this season is unwavering, and we're stoked about the young guns - Christian Braun, Peyton Watson, and Julian Strother - on the bench. We also throw the spotlight on the All City, All NBA Podcast hosted by Adam Mares and Tim Legler, as a delightful bonus. Stick around for updates and previews of upcoming interviews, as we wrap up the previous week's activities and anticipate the weeks ahead. From Jokic's witty remarks to the Nuggets' season roundup, this episode is a fun one!

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