Happy Jokmas! The Unforgettable Day in the Nuggets' History

Fandom from Afar

13-12-2023 • 5 mins

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich history of the Nuggets and the unique holiday that defines us - Jokmas. As Nuggets fans, we're marking the day when everything changed for our team; the day Nikola Jokic was promoted to the starting lineup. This episode takes you back to that fateful day on December 15, 2016, exploring the struggles of a young team, the challenges of managing two promising centers, and the birth of the Nuggets’ game strategy revolving around Jokic.

Join us as we celebrate Jokmas with an exciting giveaway for our listeners. We're offering two $15 Amazon gift cards, in honor of Jokic’s jersey number and his MVP wins. It's easy to participate and even earn an extra entry by joining our Facebook group. So, come on over, subscribe to Fandom From afar on your preferred podcast platform, and become part of our social media community. Make sure to mark December 15th on your calendars and get ready to embrace the spirit of Jokmas. Here's to good times and a chance to win! Happy Jokmas, everyone!

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