Dietetics Digest Podcast

Aaron Boysen

Learning from others is an important part of your development as a dietitian. In each episode, join Aaron, as he talks to guests about their endeavours in the world of dietetics. If you are a Dietitian, a Student Dietitian, or just want to hear about the world of dietetics, this is the podcast for you.

Endoscopy Trained Dietitian? with Graeme Syme RDDysphagia Trained Dietitian? with Laura Clark RDWhat it is like being a Paediatric Dietitian? feat Chloe Elliott RD (Episode 9)Should dietitians place NG tubes? feat. Sam Francis RDSarcopenia, Malnutrition and Physical Activity feat. Stacy Jones RD
40 mins
Tips for New Dietitians, evidence-based practice and guidelines feat. Mike PattersonCardiovascular Disease, Food Focused Guidelines and Advocating Dietetics feat. Dr Tom Butler RDEating Disorders, Diet Culture & Trauma feat. Jessica Crawley (Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian)Freelance, Writing and PR feat. Harriet SmithDietitian-Led Coeliac Clinics feat. Cristian CostasDietetic Placement Experiences