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Presented by Peter Barnes, content specialist, this series of podcasts focus on asking, and answering, the difficult questions about the science behind materials innovation, with guests from various fields. From celebrities to scientific experts, artists, designers, and more, Joel will be introducing and conversing with an eclectic mix of experts. Frequently joined by Goodfellow’s own Dr. Aphrodite Tomou, Technical Manager; who’s responsible for the technical team of scientists and engineers supporting Goodfellow customers worldwide, and Adam Sells, Sales Manager; who’s responsible for a team of business development managers working with customers around the world, the podcast tackles a range of topics when it comes to material uses. Aphrodite’s background in materials science and engineering, as well as her PhD in nanocomposites and Masters in Nanomaterials and metal thin films, alongside Adam’s degree in chemistry and on-the-job expertise, brings a unique blend of experience and scientific knowledge to the table when discussing the background of material innovation.

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EP 29. Women in Science
36 mins
EP 29. Women in ScienceEp 28. Inspiring Engineering with PES PerformanceEp 27. Hastalex® and BioHastalex® – Groundbreaking new Nanocomposite Materials Exclusive to GoodfellowEp 26. Engineers Without Borders UK – A Charity with a Focus on Green Production and Environmental EngineeringEp 25. C-Solder – Unique Soldering Material Exclusive to GoodfellowEp 24. Graphene, The Wonder Material – An Insight into the Future of EngineeringEp 23. BTC Racing – Live from the Trackside with Racers, Manager and Engineer
32 mins
Ep 22. Kapton® – From Aerospace to TheatreEp 21. Season Two Introduction – A Chat with the TeamEp 20. LGBT+ Special Edition – Community – Gay Classic Car Group and Pride EventsEp 19. LGBT+ Special Edition – Sports & Hobbies – Badminton, Board Games, and RugbyEp 18. LGBT+ Special Edition – Health – HIV, Sexual & Mental Wellbeing, and POC HealthEp 17. LGBT+ Special Edition – Art – Drag Queen Anna Phylactic and Drag King Oedi RexEp 16. LGBT+ Special Edition – Pride – What it Means to our GuestsEp 15. Series One roundup – Charity Update with Outside InEp 14. Transition Group – An Art Collective using Technical Materials for Artistic PurposesEp 13. Goodfellow Artists – Encouraging Creativity in the WorkplaceEp 12. Borosilicate Glass – A Technical Glass with Fascinating PropertiesEp 11. Silver Sputtering Targets – From Plasma to JewelleryEp 10. 3D Printing with Inconel – From Hobby to Start-up