Speaking—Or an Approximation Thereof—with Ges Ray

Ges Ray

If you could present yourself really well, in an authentic way which connected powerfully with your audience on stage, on Zoom, at a networking event or around the board table, you would be creating your Speak Performance. "Speaking—Or an Approximation Thereof—with Ges Ray" is an invitation to think about and experiment with your presentation skills, your Speak Performance, in a fun, challenging and occasionally bonkers way. The last thing we want when watching or listening to a presenter is the same old same old delivered in the same dull, depressing way. Yet most speaking coaches train their students in the same mechanical, dull techniques while students hope for a magical transformation into a dynamic, imaginative and engaging presenter. NO DULLNESS HERE! This is one of our unofficial mottos at Speak Performance and the Speaking podcast. PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING ADVISORY: this podcast is for adults only, those who cannot cope with satire, sarcasm, scatalogical material or self-mockery are STRONGLY ADVISED to find a dull, predictable podcast about presenting in a dull, predictable manner elsewhere. read less