Life in Black & White (and all the shades in between)


Join us, a joyful interracial duo and parents to an energetic trio, as we dive into the delightful chaos of life, parenthood, and the ever-evolving tapestry of race. Get ready to pull up a chair and eavesdrop on our candid conversations about the challenges and triumphs that come with being a family that breaks down barriers and bridges cultures. From hilarious parenting mishaps to poignant reflections on race and society, we’re here to share it all - the laughter, the tears, and the invaluable lessons we’ve learned along the way. Our podcast isn’t just about our journey; it’s about connecting with you, our global family. Together, let’s explore the rich mosaic of human experiences, learn from one another, and champion a world where understanding and unity thrive. Tune in to ”Life in Black & White” and be part of the movement to foster genuine connections, nurture empathy, and paint a brighter, more harmonious future for all. Because when we embrace our differences, we create a symphony of togetherness that resonates far beyond the airwaves. Love, Ivana & Yaw xx read less
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