Holistic Marketing for Coaches


I teach coaches how to market in a way that feels fun, fulfilling AND makes people want to buy. - Do you want to TRANSFORM marketing from the inside out? - Do you want to start enjoying ”putting yourself OUT THERE”? - Do you want to learn how you ALWAYS have something to post on Social Media? - Do you want to attract MORE CLIENTS - without needing funnels, ads and other technical shit? Holistic Marketing teaches you to market in a way that makes people want to buy, is in integrity with your values and feels good to your soul, so listen on! The podcast includes: 1. Practical tips on holistic marketing, growing your business, attracting coaching clients you love, mindset hacks, money mindset and all the other juicy topics that will help you get fully booked! 2. Interviews with coaches on how they‘ve built their successful businesses. You‘ll get deep, vulnerable stories, a healthy dose of spirituality - and a good chunk of laughter. To work with me, visit: martinethomassen.com or DM me on Instagram: @martinethomassencoaching . . . P.S: I am certified via The Life Coach School, Wellcoaches and Kendall SummerHawk’s: Certified Business Coach Training read less