2.2 | Jonas Zieher: Creative Rituals

The Design Podcast

10-04-2022 • 49 mins

We are delighted to welcome Jonas Zieher, Partner and Design Director at Spin.

Over the last decade, Jonas has dedicated himself to shaping an eclectic portfolio through graphics, communication and motion design.

Prior to Spin, Jonas spent time at the world-renowned Pentagram and ran his own studio; Studio Jonas Zieher, with his work featured at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art and Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Today Jonas leads the creative efforts of Spin alongside partners Tony Brook and Patricia Finegan.

The studio has worked with impressive clients, including Apple, BBC, MUBI, Samsung, Nike and Tate Modern, shaping identity systems across digital, print and physical environments.

In this episode, we explore Jonas's personal journey into the creative fields, the role of a Design Director and unpack the creative rituals behind Spin's thriving culture and success.

This is a fascinating conversation for any designer, but particularly for those of you leading and building design teams. Jonas kindly talks us through the studio's work ethic, the importance of cooking and eating together, and how a strict routine enables space for creativity.

Naturally, how could we not explore some of Spin's work? Jonas kindly talks us through the creative journey for 'Waste Age', created for The Design Museum.

That's enough from us, let's hear from Jonas. Headphones on and play...

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