3.6 | Johanna Drewe: Make It Spicy

The Design Podcast

16-05-2023 • 45 mins

Johanna Drewe is Partner and Creative Director of the London branding and design studio – Output.

Output is a team producing distinctive visual identities for companies big and small, from their work with Mixcloud and Clear Bank to redefining what many of us would have described as the “old man identity” of the UK entertainment channel – Dave. Well… that was before Ouput got their hands on it.

In our interview, we explore Johanna's path from a creator to a creative leader - revealing some of her early struggles with the transition (the need to let go of the micro-detail and focus on the bigger picture) through to her approach and her role today as the studio's (undoubtedly successful) Creative Director.

Building on the theme of thought leadership, we expand the conversation into the studio's culture, unpacking their optimistic, explorative and slightly rebellious character. We touch upon their adaptive process and how those same values have transitioned into their benefits package – from flexi hours, community programmes and a 9-day-fortnight. Why? Output believes that designing the best environment for their people yields their best work – something that we have no doubt is true.

Tune in now for the final episode of season three with the charismatic and charming – Johanna Drewe.

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