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Inspiring fathers to become better dads while educating society on the importance of fathers being actively involved in the lives of their children. Topics include: fatherhood, parenting, divorce, co-parenting, sports, relationships, mental & physical health as well as exposing the inequities of how custody is determined by the court system.

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Dr. Daniel David
Dr. Daniel David
Sit back and buckle up - this interview with Men’s Mental Health Expert, Dr Daniel David. A no holds barred interview as we dive into a variety of subjects. Masculinity and how it’s being destroyed by both academia as well as modern psychology. What is toxic masculinity – you’ll love to hear Dr David’s reaction, ME TOO Movement and their agenda. Boys rebelling from their mother and why that’s healthy. Feminist desire to extinguish masculinity. What kids need from their mother and father. How family court is so unfair to fathers as it relates to custody. Parent alienation.  Toxic moms. Thoughts on Andrew Tate and why he has amassed such a following.For over 25 years Dr Daniel David has had a highly successful practice specializing in working with men stuck in toxic relationships, addictions, self-sabotaging behaviors, and patterns that keep men trapped in life-controlling problems. One of his areas of focus is working with young adult men struggling to find their way in life & older adult men dealing with anger management, confidence issues, addiction recovery, and relationship problems.Dr. David was the founder and executive director of a nonprofit agency and outreach program to street gangs in New York City.and has been recognized for his work by the New York City Mayor's office as well as the New York State Governor's office and NY State Senators.He conducted his postgraduate training at the University of Oxford, England, as well as at Harvard Medical School. Disclaimer"As with any discussion concerning men's mental health, masculinity, and men's issues within the social environment, it is important to acknowledge that these discussions do not reflect anti-women sentiments. I personally believe that any parent who raises a boy and girl would not put down their son in order to raise their daughter. As a good parent would raise both a son and a daughter equally, society has a responsibility to help both men and women and not to displace or disadvantage men over women. I believe that it is important to advocate for women's rights while still advocating for helping men and improving men's mental health. Most topics I discussed have been vetted through consulting with female colleagues, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, lawyers, and female therapists who understand the big picture issues for both men and women in society and mental health. My views and opinions are intended to spotlight the ailments of society and the issues of boys and men and are not intended for clinical diagnosis and do not constitute therapeutic advice. Please consult your healthcare provider about treatment options that are available." ~ DPDavid