Session 04: The Early Days of a Pu'er Tea Specialist | with Jeffrey McIntosh of McIntosh Tea

The Tea Curious Podcast

07-09-2022 • 57 mins

How does a tea expert become an expert?

Today's guest is Jeffrey Mcintosh, my friend and go-to source for pu'er tea information. He's a pu'er tea especialist, financial advisor, and host of a YouTube channel about pu'er sourcing and evaluation.

He speaks fluent Mandarin, and has also spent most of the last decade building and consulting for business ventures in tea.

It's quite the resume, but before there was tea expert Jeff, there was... just Jeff, at the beginning of a long and bumpy road to tea confidence.

In this episode, Jeff generously shares his personal story of getting into the pu'er industry. We get to meet some of the key figures in his journey, review some hard lessons learned, and also get some advice from Jeff on thinking about tea from the investment standpoint, a perspective that's not uncommon to find in China's often speculative pu'er market.

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