Session 01: How to Make a Creative Tea Project Happen | with Martin Bohacik from Eighty Degrees Magazine

The Tea Curious Podcast

25-04-2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

If you want to share about tea, how do you get the hard sh*t done to actually make it happen?

Faced with the prospect of a whole new podcast, that's what I wanted to learn from my friend Martin Bohacik. He's the guy behind one of the most beautiful works in the tea world, Eighty Degrees Magazine, and he single-handedly curates, arranges, and publishes each issue from his home in Portugal (he's now on Issue 10).

We talk about the inspiration behind Eighty Degrees and the everyday techniques Martin uses to make sure his vision can be shared with the world -- even as a down-to-earth introvert who has never published a magazine before!

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