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Are you the magical, overachiever but it seems no matter how much you achieve, obtain, or have this picture-perfect life… yet, you feel empty on the inside?

Well, this podcast is here to support you in activating, educating, and empowering the over-achiever to learn how to create your fairytale life. We support you with clarity on your purpose, emotional intelligence, emotional mastery, relationship clarity and mastery,  spiritual connection, digital marketing & sales, and manifestation! We offer content that will inspire you to see no matter how bad your life feels, you can still create a life you love!



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E.122 How to Boost Confidence with Non-Surgical Beauty Enhancements - All the Juicy Details with Dr.Sarah Yovino
E.122 How to Boost Confidence with Non-Surgical Beauty Enhancements - All the Juicy Details with Dr.Sarah Yovino
The beauty industry is always evolving and transforming. A big difference today is that we have Medical Aesthesis and Beauty Enhancements that are available to the everyday person!How do we start our aesthesis journey and maintain it so we feel confident and beautiful as we age?In this episode we have a beautiful guest I know through Kimberly Wujek from Who Has It, Dr. Sarah Yovino.She is a double board-certified, master injector specializing in non-surgical medical aesthetics and whole-body rejuvenation. Following years of mentorship in cosmetic procedures by Dr. Justin Yovino, Dr. Sarah now leads the nonsurgical side of Ideal Face & Body. Utilizing her extensive training in pain management, Dr. Sarah has perfected the “painless” lip augmentation with the use of dental blocks and her exclusive, custom-formulated numbing cream. She specializes in a range of state-of-the-art medical aesthetic treatments, including facial rejuvenation with lasers and radiofrequency, micro-needling, and chemical peels, as well as Botox and dermal filler injections. Her precise injection placements are designed to enhance your best features, leading to natural-looking, “born-with-it” results. You can have exclusive consultation with her at Ideal Face and Body Beverly Hills.Tune in to receive the frequency.I love you,ColleenColleen WebsiteColleen FacebookColleen InstagramIdeal Face & BodyDr. Sarah Yovina InstagramSupport the show