Episode 70: Anterior Knee Pain

Manips and Sips

10-03-2022 • 52 mins

From plica syndrome, to fat pad syndrome, to patellar tendinopathy, to PFPS and Osgood Shlatters, there are a ton of "pathologies" that make up the infamous anterior knee pain. In this episode we discuss common trends in the diagnoses that can "contribute" to anterior knee pain and if they even matter at all! We also open up by discussing the word "Jawn" and all its wonderful versatility 😂 Sips Provided By: Yards Brewing 8.3/10 🍺and Don Q Anejo 🥃 Business/Clinical Chat Begins at 5 minutes Interested in virtual manual therapy videos, online mentorship platform or live courses?! Check out www.iosmt.com/Courses-Main-Page Interested in entrepreneurship and PT business?! Check out www.therehabcoaches.com