Episode 68: ACL Grafts

Manips and Sips

10-02-2022 • 40 mins

Ahhh quite possibly the toughest decision for our ACLers. Which graft and why?! If you are a clinician who sees ACLR or will be undergoing ACL Reconstruction this episode is for you! Find out why the ACLR has such poor outcomes and what we as rehab professionals can do to make sure everyone gets back to sport! Interested in virtual manual therapy videos, online mentorship platform or live courses?! Check out www.iosmt.com/Courses-Main-Page Interested in entrepreneurship and PT business?! Check out www.therehabcoaches.com Interested in mastering ACL rehabilitation?! This March 19th/20th at Trifecta! Check it out at https://www.iosmt.com/ACLCourse