Episode 62: Things We Just Don't Do Anymore Part 1

Manips and Sips

18-11-2021 • 43 mins

You ever look at back att yourself and wonder why the hell was I doing that?! Well the Manips & Sips team takes a trip down memory lane and reflect on manual interventions, examination techniques that we phased out of our practice...for the better! Whether it was trial and error or evidence, these interventions have become prehistoric. We also discuss some practices that we brought out of retirement of late! Listen in on this 2 part episode! Sips Provided: Roadhouse Brewing (WY) 🍺(7.9/10) and Herradura Tequila 🥃 Clinical Chat Begins at 10:30. Interested in virtual manual therapy videos, online mentorship platform or live courses?! Check out www.iosmt.com/Courses-Main-Page Interested in entrepreneurship and PT business?! Check out www.therehabcoaches.com