Episode 64: Does Manual Therapy Cause Patient Dependency?

Manips and Sips

16-12-2021 • 47 mins

A huge debate in today's PT world, does manual therapy techniques cause patients to be dependent on us? Is manual therapy similar to a drug addiction? We discuss the risk reward of applying MT to our patients. We also rant on do today's PT's deserve the right to primary/first practitioner for neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Listen in to this spicy! Sips Provided: Stone Brewing (CA) 🍺(7.5/10) and Don Q Rum Anejo 🥃 Clinical Chat Begins at 9:00. Interested in virtual manual therapy videos, online mentorship platform or live courses?! Check out www.iosmt.com/Courses-Main-Page Interested in entrepreneurship and PT business?! Check out www.therehabcoaches.com