5 Keys To Having An Essential Self-Love Routine

Audacious Intent

15-02-2022 • 14 mins

In today's episode, we share five keys to having an essential self-love routine. It is so easy to focus on our external relationships before looking within on the relationship we have with God and ourselves. Focusing within on how we love and view ourselves, gives us the clarity and consistency to show up for ourselves and the world. The 5 keys are: Disconnect to reconnect: set aside time each day to unplug from electronics and social media. Treat yourself: celebrate all of your progress and wins up to this point. It is okay to reflect on all that you have done to get to this point. Journaling: putting pen to paper your thoughts and emotions provide clarity on what is working for you while being expectant of the greater to come. Nourish your body: our bodies need the right fuel to keep us moving in bringing our goals, passion, and purpose to fruition. Get moving: adding movement each day helps to build up our immunity and strength. When we are intentional in having an essential self-love routine, we are ensuring that our cup is full and we can give from the overflow in giving love to others.