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Why experiments are valuable to make meaningful decisions

Business Class Lounge by SearchPilot, hosted by Will Critchlow

02-04-2024 • 36 mins

This week's talk centers around the value of experimentation to help you make meaningful decisions. Will also shares some research paper and trend lines on statistics and ecommerce growth. All that to point to the importance of testing for both CRO and SEO with an example of a CRO positive change that was a -25% effect on SEO. Head over to our YouTube channel to see some live whiteboarding to have a sneak peek of Will's new 2x2 quadrant. Listen in or tune in on LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube every week (mostly Tuesdays). If you want to see how SearchPilot can help you run more SEO A/B tests and make SEO your biggest growth opportunity, then let us know here.

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