Brian & Mariah: Chatting about Ultra Fast Fashion, LinkedIn, the release of Shopify Collabs, and Gorgias’ $30M Series C

Retention Chronicles

08-09-2022 • 29 mins

On this very first episode of Season 2, we’re introducing a new co-host, Brian Lastovich! Brian is the Head of Marketing at Malomo and he joins Mariah to discuss updates in the Shopify ecosystem as well as plenty of other topics (and yes, some tangents!). In these shorter episodes of Retention Chronicles, Brian and Mariah each pose two topics to discuss. Today, we teach Brian how to use a microphone (and become a professional podcaster 😝), what Mariah thinks of Ultra Fast Fashion, if LinkedIn stalking is ok, quiet quitting, whether hot dogs can be straws, our reaction to Shopify Collabs dropping, as well as reflecting on Gorgias’ $30M Series C.

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