Chris Rambles!

Chris Rambles!

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Hi there, friendly listener!

Welcome to our Patreon page. Since you found our Patreon page I'm assuming you know a bit of the crack going on around here, but if you don't, please allow me to briefly elaborate.

We're a Comedy Podcast from the Southern Coast of South Africa. We are currently in our first Season of the new show and will cover 12 episodes consisting of a wide variety of topics such as South African Folklore, Cryptozoology, True Crime, Conspiracy Theories, Philosophy, and History.

Please support us and help us grow our dream by signing up for one of the tiers, every dollar help us. Patrons will also be given special treatment such as: Early access to episodes, access to exclusive discord servers, exclusive merch, and finally, we will have 4 Patreon exclusive episodes per month where we cover a Patron suggested topic.

All revenue will be going towards equipment and software so that we can bring you the best possible content.

Lastly I want to thank you for all your support thus far, every listen helps!

Stay Safe,

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And just be a good fucking person!


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