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RugRoast is a web3 based investing show, covering primarily NFT projects.

Hosts berndawgler and OG invite guest NFT projects to come on the show. Each project has an opportunity to present, then the hosts will ask questions and give a rating on a scale of 1/10. Think "Shark Tank" for NFTs... the hosts will always be honest and at time, yes, they will ROAST the guest if need be. Listeners will learn more about web3, nfts, investing, and crypto while enjoying some laughs as OG and bern constantly roast each other as well.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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RugRoast on Rug Radio EP: 9
RugRoast on Rug Radio EP: 9
The hosts are joined by ShaneCultra and epsilontauheta.2160 and bern welcome new host ChefOctane to the team. Chef discusses his experience getting into NFTs, fading BAYC and CloneX in his early days, and learning from those mistakes. He focuses on high conviction plays and brings a great perspective to the show. ShaneCultra shares his background from running greenhouses to trading commodities and more. In the early 90's he recognized the opportunity to secure the first digital assets... web domains. This awareness led to massive profits for him in the domain game and also helped him recognize the opportunities within web3 and NFTs. When he heard about them, he was in. From minting one of the first Top Shot packs to going hard on BAYC early, Shane has had win after win. While some call it luck, this is clearly an ability to get in early and take risks, while also knowing when to take profits. He emphasizes the importance of taking profits, but also being willing to take risks. The team roasts his wallet and all agree he has a strong portfolio of Yuga assets in this wallet.epsilontauheta shares that he would like to build a network of NFT gated experiences in night clubs throughout the US. He envisions holders going to different sections of the club, for instance "the kitchen" to reflect areas in a frat house. Perhaps the kitchen is a special menu people will receive. He is very early on in the conception of this idea, and there are really no details at this time so the hosts cannot rate. All three love the enthusiasm and his believe in web3. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
RugRoast EP: 7
RugRoast EP: 7 joins the show as our first guest, and we roast OG’s project, Money Clicc on this episode of RugRoast.Prior to the roast beginning, OG makes the announcement that he is stepping down as co-host in order to pursue a more art focused show as this is his passion. Bern mentions that OG agreed to help build this show, though he wasn’t excited about roasting projects and has been instrumental in the success so far. A new host will join next week and the word on the street is that his favorite rektguy trait is secretly the “Victory” hoodie, though he will never admit this in is up first. This is a “content NFT” platform with a paired NFT pass and future airdrop of utility tokens and DAO. Their first major drop will be the fuck around and find out guy, launching with his full permission and support in the form of an edition. The tech in the platform allows for the original content to be linked to the NFT. Their goal is to allow for multiple people to become more involved in these content drops through their platform. Holders of the pass will have first access to these drops and also receive an air drop of the token, which grants access to the DAO. The DAO will control the actions of the platform. OG mentions that the “platform” market is interesting, he is missing some data here that can allow him to fully rate, but ultimately things it’s interesting and rates a 6.2. Bern likes the idea and thinks it is interesting, stating the key will be marketing both to content creators and to consumers. He rates this a 6.9420.Next up is Money Clicc… OG started in the space as a collector, with an OSF 1/1 being his first major acquisition. He formed the clicc with an original focus on Twitter banner art, seeing a gap in this area for the space. The clicc has since pivoted into a mint system rather than drops, with some high end options as well. Their focus has always been on both well known artists, and talented upcoming artist. Money clicc boasts a strong collector base of both artists and collectors, many of which would be considered “famous” in the space. One major benefit of the clicc is the “alpha” that comes from their Discord server. Information is shared here that may give people an opportunity to be early on great art.Bern did not have a chance to rate the clicc, but he gives it a 10. OG will always be a major part of RugRoast, having built the interview structure.Next episode, we reveal our new mystery host… secret lover of Victory Hoodie. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
RugRoast EP: 6
RugRoast EP: 6
Fore Play Warriors, and Mosaics DAO join OG and bern with legendary NFT artist ACK as guest host.Fore Play Warriors is reviewed first. The artist is Bad Pony Riot, who is also the founder and lead tech. The project is focused on women empowerment, art, and gaming. Currently, the project is minting with 0 people who have minted so far. Supply is 8,888 and mint price is .04 eth.While the game is already running, it is clear the founder jumped the gun on this project. A small community, art that is not pleasing to the masses, and a somewhat confusing plan with no single focus are all issues. OG and bern both felt that while the idea is nice, this project has very little if any chance for success. OG rated a 2.5 and bern a 3.5.ACK joined to discuss his massively successful sale of 48 1/1's through "The Broken Keys" collection, bringing in around $1.4M USD in a single drop. OG and bern both believe these will be historical pieces of art that grow in value over time. ACK went through the process of the auction and how he felt throughout... he had his doubts prior to the drop and was absolutely blown away by the results. This is a great example of what a pure focus on art rather than money can lead to. ACK serves The Muse, and she took care of him here. In Fact, OG was actually able to win one of the auctions. Congrats to both.Mosaics DAO plans to first launch a collection of "Pixies", then launch their Mosaics. The idea is, anyone can draw on the Mosaic each day... at the end of the day, the Mosaic is minted and put up for auction. Pixies may be able to unlock certain color palettes, and also are able to draw faster on the Mosaic. This is a pure focus on art. There is also a DAO element, where holders of Pixies get a small vote and Mosaics holders have a larger vote on how the funds earn will be used. Pixies will be a 10k collection as of now... 3k for free and 7k at a price below .05 eth (not yet finalized). The team plans to mint in Q3 or Q4, giving them time to market and grow a community.OG didn't feel he has enough information to rate at this time and also thought the ecosystem and plan are a bit to complex. He suggested they follow up with us in the future. bern likes the project... he likes the idea of the Mosaic and if a big artist decides to draw on it one day it could drive value. He agreed that the ecosystem seems to complex. Both thought the supply is too high and 10k pfp projects are not a great plan anymore. bern rated Mosaics a 6.9 as he likes the idea and feels the team is experienced and can still make tweaks to improve. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.