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Does true crime help us fall asleep?
2d ago
Does true crime help us fall asleep?
For some, true-crime stories have a strangely calming effect when they are tucked up in bed for the night. It’s a phenomenon that’s not gone unnoticed on TikTok, where people share how tales of mystery and suspense are part of their go-to nighttime routine. If you’re one of those who drift off to the narration of unsolved cases, rest assured, you’re in good company. And although the link between crime stories and relaxation has yet to be formally established, it's clear that the habit has a huge following. It’s an intriguing paradox: the very stories that chill us to the bone also usher us into slumber. Like a modern twist on the bedtime story, these narratives shift our focus away from daily stressors—be it looming work deadlines, pending homework, or endless to-do lists. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine even suggests that immersing ourselves in a story at bedtime can not only lead to better sleep but also enhance digestion and cognitive function.  Why does it relax us?  But Why Choose Crime Stories? Isn't it a bit weird to be fascinated by this kind of story? In under 3 minutes, we answer your questions! To listen to the last episodes, you can click here: How can I improve my sense of direction? What does my urine colour say about my health? Why are brownouts getting more and more common in the work world? A podcast written and realised by Amber Minogue. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit