Effects of Climate Change on Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems - APU Professor Dr. Roman Dial

Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Forum Podcasts

21-04-2024 • 1 hr 4 mins

Dr. Roman Dial, a professor of mathematics and biology, will soon retire from Alaska Pacific University after teaching there for over 30 years. His research has included the ecology of tropical rainforest canopies, the organisms that live on glaciers and icefields, and, for the last two decades, the effects of climate change on boreal and Arctic ecosystems. Most recently, he has combined quantitative and outdoor skills with fieldwork in Alaska's Brooks Range, where he, his students, and collaborators study tree line advance, greening and "shrubification," and the staining and rusting of Arctic rivers. While this Forum will focus on his academic pursuits, Roman is well known as an outdoorsman and adventurer, having pursued a near obsession with Alaskan wilderness for two decades.  He says the wild side feeds emotion and spirit; the analytic side feeds intellect and family. https://www.alaskapacific.edu/people/roman-dial/

So - our Zoom recording of the 21 April Forum failed. HOWEVER, Roman gave a VERY similar talk to a group in Whitehorse, YT after his last day teaching at APU on 26 April and got a Zoom recording of that presentation and shared it with us. John and I will likely add an audio lead-in to the Whitehorse presentation.

Video of Whitehorse presentation - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/6nhsuve11id4qvxf5orkk/DialWhiteHorseTalk.mp4?rlkey=6b1gn3inlchbc07grnr4l3vyv&dl=0