The Girls in the Boat - The Sisterly Art of Rowing from the Heart - George Bryson

Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Forum Podcasts

19-05-2024 • 1 hr 16 mins

George Bryson is a journalist who worked for the Anchorage Daily News for 30 years as a reporter, Washington correspondent, magazine writer, and editor of We Alaskans. He holds an MFA degree in creative writing and has taught journalism and literary nonfiction courses at UAA and UAF. He's co-authored books on natural science and Alaska history and served as the longtime organizer of the University of Alaska /Anchorage Daily News Creative Writing Contest. Since retiring from the newspaper, George has traveled extensively by motorcycle, bike, boat and foot. A 46-year resident of Alaska, George was born and raised in California. He developed a love for rowing that he still maintains as a member of the Anchorage Rowing Association and through trips worldwide for the World Masters Games. He and his wife, Ann, have three grown daughters and three growing grandchildren and are happily settling into their new home in Bear Valley.

Slides -

George's slides contained several videos. Videos are a little weird in PDFs, so I have placed "placeholder" numbers on the slides where the videos go.

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