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Built to Thrive


Listen to new ad-free episodes Monday to Friday on Wondery+ or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Do you feel your best mentally and physically? In just a few minutes, Dr Rangan Chatterjee share simple tips, motivation and advice, offering a new opportunity to improve how you feel, whatever your starting point.

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Our Editor's Take

Most people want to find ways to thrive and feel better in life. That is why Dr. Rangan Chatterjee started this daily podcast, Built to Thrive. This podcast emphasizes mental and physical well-being and offers daily motivation. Dr.Chatterjee wants to provide easy tips that can have a profound impact. Listeners who want to thrive will benefit, no matter their starting point. It's all about simple habits that create real change. Through it all, the doctor guides his audience toward a brand-new future.

Dr. Chatterjee is well known for his BBC One TV show Doctor in the House. He also makes regular appearances on BBC news programs. In this show, Dr. Chatterjee shares easy strategies to help improve the lives of his listeners. He features both medical and lifestyle topics, from the benefits of walking to nonverbal communication. If it's something that can improve someone's well-being, it has a place on this daily podcast. The episodes are bitesize, and the advice is practical and easy to apply. Built to Thrive is an informative and inspiring podcast. It's motivating and suitable for audiences of all fitness and well-being levels. In each episode, Dr. Chatterjee shares his medical knowledge and things he has learned in everyday life.

Episodes of Built to Thrive are about five minutes long. They are short by design, giving audiences something they can listen to and apply daily. Listeners can take Dr. Chatterjee's advice and use it to improve their outlook on life. New episodes air every weekday, giving listeners a steady supply of content. This podcast equips people with new habits to help them lead happier lives.

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