Captain Marvel (Spoiler Free) Review - The Oz Network Movies

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10-03-2019 • 36 mins

We're back for another spoiler free review as we look at the first big blockbuster of 2019 with the latest entry in the MCU Captain Marvel. Why is this movie just not that good? Is the criticism of it fair? Does Brie Larson give the most bland superhero performance we've ever seen? Does this make us appreciate Black Panther a lot more? Is it just a little too preachy in parts or does it send the message it's trying to send? Was this film rushed out too quickly? Why did Colin fall asleep in this movie? Is the cat the star of the film? Does the de-ageing look too bad in this film to appreciate? Who is good and who is bad in this film? Does the music work or is it too over the top? Is it trying to hard to be Guardians of the Galaxy? And can we walk out of this with anything positive to say? It's an interesting one that we are sure you'll be interested in so get to listening! ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★