Ep. 111 - No or Yes ?

The Investor Professor Podcast

01-10-2023 • 25 mins

We have all read about the power of saying Yes! and the Power of saying No! So which is it? Do we say Yes? Or do we say No?

Staying on track for your goals, no matter what they are, will require you to prioritize your choices. This will require some yeses and probably a lot of No's. Most of us do not enjoy saying no; we don't like disappointing others but if our goals are to be achieved, we will have to learn to say no, including telling ourselves no.

Conversely, if you're starting a business or in sales, you will hear NO, especially in the beginning. No's lead to Yes's but it can be painful to hear rejection initially. We discuss tactics to help you overcome the No's as you get closer to every Yes.