BONUS CONTENT - 11/25/21 DPS Hour 3

The Doug Gottlieb Show

25-11-2021 • 50 mins

Doug Gottlieb and TJ Houshmandzadeh guest hosting the Dan Patrick Show on a special Thanksgiving show. Doug and TJ share stories about their Thanksgivings combined with sports. Reacting to Lebron James having two fans ejected from the game in Indianapolis Wednesday night, TJ and Doug weigh in on what is acceptable and what is not among fans. Doug and TJ talk about what they remember from the 2001 NFL season as it was TJ's rookie year and the season Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe and won the Super Bowl. Former NFL receiver Plaxico Burress joins the guys to talk about Odell Beckham Jr's transition in Los Angeles, Baker Mayfield's bad week, and how to properly make a turkey. Plus, Doug and TJ give their thoughts on the Cowboys' receiving situation as they go into their Thanksgiving game.

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