What's Your Problem With Nick Abbot and Carol McGiffin


Nick and Carol are back! Nick and Carol care about your problems. No, seriously. In this podcast they try to solve your issues. If they fail, that is not Nick and Carol's fault - it's probably down to the EU, or something. Send your problems to nickandcarol@global.com and prepare to be happy. (Happiness not guaranteed, terms and conditions apply, always read the label).

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The Breast Stroke Issue
1 hr 1 min
The Breast Stroke IssueBirds, cats and ratsBlowing in the windArtificial unintelligenceThat’s a fat cat!Peanuts stuck in your teethRocking, not rollingEating dirt does you goodShooting potatoesSnogging in the coal shedChucked out of parliament.Don’t swallow that gum!Fun with dairy!The problem with babiesThe least helpful episode of allYou saw a mouse? Where?A tip: Don’t tip twice!The 100th Episode!A bit too much happinessThe Proper Stopper