006 Old Trapper and The Lost Fawn

Tales of the Old Trapper

11-01-2022 • 8 mins

This week’s Tale of the Old Trapper is titled "Old Trapper and The Lost Fawn" by Shawn Henninger.

About Tales of the Old Trapper:

When I was a young boy maybe 5 6 or 7 My Grandfather would sit me down and tell me Tales of The Old Trapper.  The Old Trapper was a man who lived many years before my grandfather was even born.  The Old Trapper lived on the Land my grandfather had owned that we called the Old Place.

But, Before it was the Old Place it was called Home by the Old Trapper.  This land is where he went on many adventures.  Working with the woods for all the things he needed to food, clothing and shelter.  The Old Trapper was not one for lavish things as he only lived in a single room log cabin he built himself.  Through his adventures he learned many values that he passed on to the community and anyone who crossed his path through his journeys.

So join me as I re-tell the Tales of the Old Trapper just as my Grandfather told them when I was just a child.

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This Weeks Tale:

The Old Trapper eagerly sat by his window looking out at the field behind his cabin.  Behind his cabin was a field with a few trees that led towards the timber.  These 10 trees would produce some of the most amazing acorns he’s ever seen.  These must have been some of the most delicious acorns in the county because like clockwork every evening a group of deer would make their way from the Timber and snack on this delicious treat.

The Old Trapper loved wildlife so much that he could sit and watch Squirrels play, Racoons chasing each other around the yard, and even loved seeing the opossums hanging from trees.  But his most favorite thing in nature to watch was the peaceful stroll of a Deer.  Now where The Old Trapper was from he would see the White-Tail Deer variety.  He’d seen some Mule Deer that could be found out west, but he would stand by his statement that the Deer here were the best.

This evening just like any other he first saw a couple smaller deer making their way through the timber.  After every few steps they’d stop and sniff the air to check if anyone or anything threatening was around.   They’d continue into the opening and before too long the field would have over a dozen deer snacking away on the Acorns.

This evening out of now where the group of deer took off back into the woods.  Now what on Earth could have startled the herd?  The Old Trapper didn’t see any coyotes or other predators.  Looking off to his left he saw three more deer making their way to the field.  And just behind them he saw what had startled the others.  A big Buck, that the Old Trapper swore he’s seen before, was following the Doe and her two Fawns.

Now the Buck wasn’t doing anything particularly bad but the Big Doe was not entertained by His antics.  The Buck would jump up in the air and scratch at the ground.  If he was a person you’d say he was showing off a bit to impress the girl.  The Doe not interested took off into the woods with the Buck following behind.

The Old Trapper knew this was all planned out by the group.  Sometimes Bucks can be a bit overbearing so once he was gone the other deers returned to continue their evening meal.  There was something beautiful about watching a group of grazing deer.  They move with such ease and peace. It’s amazing that an animal that big could be so quiet.  The Old Trapper looked at his watch as the sun was setting and bid the Deer a quiet goodbye.

The Old Trapper made himself some supper and laid in bed reading his newest book.  As the candle burned down the Old Trapper curled up and was ready to call it an evening.  Shortly before morning the Old Trapper heard what sounded like a cry.  He jumped out of bed throwing on his boots and rushing outside.  His heart was racing as he ran towards where the crying was coming from.

As he made his way to the back of his cabin he saw in one of the fences near the woods a poor fawn stuck in the fence.  The Old Trapper rushed back to his Cabin and grabbed some tools to help the poor animal out of the fence.  Looking around he saw some corn that he thought would help calm the poor deer down.

As The Old Trapper approached the Fawn never being this close to a person before began to thrash around engangling itself even more.  The Old Trapper used a calming voice to talk to the Fawn as he held his hand out with the corn.  The Fawn’s thrashing slowed as it reached out and took a bite from the Corn.  Then she took another bite…and another…and another…Before the Fawn knew it the old trapper had the fence cut away and freed the fawn.

The Old Trapper handed the last of the Corn to the fawn and dusted his hands off.  Pleased with a job well done he assumed the Fawn would run off into the woods and join her family.  But as the Old Trapper walked towards the house he looked back and the Fawn was right behind him.  He Shooed towards her but the Fawn jumped around playfully.  The Fawn thinks I’m playing a game with her, The Old Trapper thought.

The Old Trapper laughed at the silly Fawn and jumped around with her and then allowed her to chase him around the Cabin.  The two took turns chasing each other as the Old Trapper would have never thought he’d ever get to play with a wild deer.  This was a boy hood dream come true.

Now the Old Trapper had a lot to do for the day so he shooed the Fawn once more leading it to the timber, but as he turned around she would follow him back to the cabin.  This will take some Smarts the Old Trapper Thought. So he took some Corn, which the Fawn was very excited to see, and carried it to the edge of the timber.  The Old Trapper Set it down in a pile and as the Fawn was eating the Corn the Old Trapper turned and ran back towards his cabin.  He cut around the corner and stopped to look back towards the Fawn.  She was gone.. Great, he thought back to her Family.  As he turned to walk back towards his door he bumped right into the Fawn.  She Was looking right at the Old Trapper.

This time the Old Trapper led the Fawn further into the Timber and set down even MORE corn.  The Fawn started eating and the Old Trapper ran even faster all the way to his cabin. He opened the door and shut it behind him.  Trying to catch his breath he looked around the Cabin and sat there in his bed….Was the Fawn.

How on Earth did this Fawn get all the way to the cabin before he did…How On Earth did the Fawn get IN the cabin.  The Old Trapper Shrugged and decided that he’d just have to get his work done, with or without the fawn.

The Old Trapper always had chores to do around the Old Place.  He would Feed his Chickens, check the fences, and tend to his trusty old mule.  As he went through the checklist of work the Fawn continued to follow him and even helped haul a thing or two for the Old Trapper.

The Day was long but The Old Trapper was getting ust to the Idea of having a deer around.  It was like having a big dog or a pet goat.  At Dinner he let the Fawn into the house, since apparently she knew how to get in anyway, and made her a bowl of Mixed Corn and Acorn.  The Old Trapper Looked out the window expecting to see the family of deer, but they did not show up.  The Fawn was also looking and this was the first time that day, the Old Trapper could tell the Fawn was sad.

It was getting late so the Old Trapper made a bed for the Fawn and made her promise that Tomorrow they’d find her family. The Old trapper laid in his bed and just before he drifted off he felt the bed shake as the Fawn had jumped at the edge and snuggled up next to the Old Trapper.  It’s only one night the Old Trapper thought.

The next Morning after Breakfast the Old Trapper took the Fawn out into the woods and walked the trails and the Old Trapper looked for tracks of the Deer Family.  The Old Trapper was a master Tracker and within a few hours found where the Deer Family was hiding out.  On a grassy field he saw a couple of the Deer walking around as the rest laid in the tall grass.

The Fawn picked up the scent and took off towards her family.  About halfway the Fawn looked back at the Old Trapper and took a few steps back towards him, but just then the Deer Family saw her.  They began to call out and all  of them ran to the Fawn.  They all happily jumped around and began walking back to where they were laying.

The Old Trapper smiled but was a little sad to have to say goodbye to his new friend.  It wouldn’t have been too bad to have a deer around the place.  As he reached the Trail a soft head bumped his hand.  He looked down and the Fawn was looking up at him.  He Patted her on the Head and the Fawn jumped one last time and ran back to her family.

The Old Trapper made it back to his cabin and finished his daily chores.  As he sat at the table he finished his meal and looked out the window.  The Deer had stopped coming around as most of the Acorns were gone, but each year when the deer come back he swears that there is always a Doe that looks towards the Cabin waiting for their Dinner of Mixed Corn and Acorn.

The End