Austin McBroom Is Unhinged, Taylor Is The GOAT And More!

The Tom Ward Show

08-02-2024 • 1 hr 32 mins

Check out my new merch Spring collection here: I find the whole McBroom saga fascinating and I could easily talk for an hour about that. But I want to talk about Taylor and even maybe the Super Bowl. Aka, the only football game I watch all year! He was gracious enough to come on tonight! And our only topic is the Ace Family!!!! I've been having so much fun commenting on this over the last couple of weeks and I'd just love to dish with Rich on all the drama. So, don't miss it! See you tongiht. 05:00 Austin is having the last laugh 17:00 Let's make fun of Austin 25:00 Tom's PR advice for Katherine 30:00 More Austin 36:57 New merch! 37:40 Anxiety 42:00 Emily Mariko tote bag 50:00 Golden Globes removed my video 56:00 Grammys 1:05:00 I hate beans 1:17:00 Taylor Swift 1:21:44 Why I love Taylor 1:30:00 Q and A and outtro

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