Corporate Natalie Talks Business, The Rise Of AI And Partying With Drake?!

The Tom Ward Show

22-08-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Join us as we explore Corporate Natalie's journey from the corporate world to influencer stardom. Learn valuable business and marketing lessons from a woman who's killed it in the corporate world and in the social media game. Get a sneak peek into her dating experiences in the digital age and hear thrilling stories of partying with A-listers like Drake and Justin Bieber. Plus, check out my new merch! Keep having issues with the YouTube store and having my items show up on there, so check them out on The Level Up Shop website here. And subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I share inspiration and the lessons that I've learned on my journey so far. Click here to subscribe. Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:48 Drake and Beiber 3:38 Tom Hangs With Paris 5:18 Natalie's boss finds out 7:45 Starting on TikTok 11:12 Tom at Dixie's party 12:11 Influencer parties 15:18 Work after fame 16:50 Nonstop grind 18:57 Work/life balance 22:41 Being content 22:28 Natalie's dating life 27:00 Women in workforce 29:00 Millenial vs. Gen Z employees 30:46 Winning on LinkedIn 32:16 Text based posts 33:35 Rise of AI 38:05 Black Mirror 39:30 Being private on social 41:00 Shopping targeting 42:00 TikTok is listening 43:45 Natalie's businesses 45:15 Life after social media 47:00 Natalie's consulting biz 48:07 The D'Amelios 49:50 Rich people on social 50:12 Taylor Swift's fame 52:32 Plugs/outro

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