Howie Takes Shots At Jeff Wittek, Petition To Shut Ace Family Down

The Tom Ward Show

16-02-2024 • 1 hr 23 mins

I started a petition to shut down the Ace Family channel on YouTube and we all need to sign. Here's the link Check out my new merch Spring collection here. I can't believe the pic of Jeff Wittek that Howie Mandel posted. I don't know what he was thinking. I saw this crazy video of a TikTok employee kicking a little dog in the butt hard! They identified him and I hope he goes down. Plus mental health update and Tom tries Temu for the first time. 00:00 Tom has a man cold 3:02 Freya has big news 7:00 Unhinged on Jimmie Lee 8:25 Howie/Jeff Wittek 16:24 Dana White walks off the show 26:02 High Brew s/0 28:00 Tom McBroom isn't locked in 31:30 Petition to shut Ace Family YouTube down 37:22 TikTok employee kicks dog 47:28 Tom tries Temu 57:00 Mental health update 1:11:11 Merch drop 1:15:30 Tom cures hiccups 1:21:00 Outtro

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