Don't Be a Dick (Trailer)

Don't Be A Dick with Gretchen Clark

02-11-2021 • 2 mins

Living by the motto "Don't Be A Dick", Gretchen Clark is here to get real with you. From a ski mountain in Vermont to the big city of Atlanta, Gretchen has been through some weird shit in her life. After years of grinding it out in Corporate America, she quit her cushy sales job 6 months after starting her career as an Instagram iNflUenCeR. What she once thought was a fake job, turned into a (very public) outlet for her to show that world that being honest and real is actually ... cool and "in". On this podcast, Gretchen will discuss topics from the freedom of not giving a fuck, how to build a successful brand online, to how to love yourself the most in your life. Each episode will also include Gretchen giving advice on some of the hundreds of questions submitted each week from her incredibly loyal followers ... most likely after a few tequila sodas. Unbutton your pants and get ready to get weird.

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