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Alicia Krasko

Do you find yourself googling for "Stepmom help" or "Stepmom struggles" more than you'd care to admit?

If so, you're in the right place. The Stepmom Side Podcast is a conversational podcast about being a Stepmom and what that actually looks like. Host Alicia Krasko covers everything from part-time, full-time, to being an empty nester as a Stepmom.

Every week, you'll get a bit of humor, advice, and a conversation that will have you taking an objective look at how you're showing up. You can expect honest (and uncomfortable) conversations with perspective shifts mixed in to help you create the life you no longer have to google for help.

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#23: The Benefits of Occupational Therapy with Liz Lombard
#23: The Benefits of Occupational Therapy with Liz Lombard
As an occupational therapist, Liz has worked with young children who had a variety of sensory processing challenges, and found it  fulfilling to help them and their families navigate all the parts of their day— getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair, eating, going to school, participating in the classroom. When COVID hit and Liz found herself daydreaming about planning trips for my own family, she realized that she could help families plan trips and outings in a way that would yield the most successful and enjoyable memories possible!Through coaching, she works with you to focus on identifying specific sensory needs, selecting and implementing thoughtful sensory strategies, finding the best tools to support your children, and then finding ways to reuse successful sensory strategies for trips and special events. In this episode, Liz talks to us about:What sensory processing disorder is.How sensory processing affects emotional regulation.Overstimulation as a parent and how to meet your own sensory needs.Why mornings are stressful and how to navigate them.How journaling may help you spot patterns....and more!Connect with InstagramFacebookWant a specific topic covered? Let me know here.After you listen to this, tag me on Instagram @aliciakrasko and let me know what you think!Want to learn more about The Stepmom Side community? Here's where you get all the info. Looking forward to connecting with you on the inside.All things Alicia visit www.aliciakrasko.comGet on the list, get behind the scene info on Stepmom life, and tips delivered to your inbox.