#70: Good Meats and Life Saving Advise

The Lone Angler Podcast

29-10-2020 • 1 hr 23 mins

Good morning friends! Let’s get to know Trent Eineichner. Trent is a Captain of the Bemidji Fire Department, fishing guide, hunter and family man. Trent also the reason I am chasing down MN Master Angler fish!

In this episode we talk about his “home base” hobbie of smoking meets, guiding with Rainy Daze Guide Service, and his job of being a fire fighter. I think it would be really important to listen to this episode because Trent touches on some rescues and the unfortunate recovery calls in the early ice season. Trent offers up some first hand, profession knowledge and tips on ice safety. Please take these suggestions seriously as they could save your life.

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