CEO of England Athletics, Chris Jones

Membership World Podcast

30-04-2021 • 26 mins

Inspiring CEO of England Athletics, Chris Jones, talks about his challenges but optimism of running a governing body with 190,000 members.

In this episode Gordon Glenister talks to the head of England Athletics, Chris Jones about what its like to manage a sport governing body in a Pandemic.

While there are approximately 7 million people that run every month, not all are members of the 1800 licensed running clubs, many are social runners. England Athletics Run Together campaign has been very successful at inspiring people to run.

With a lack of opportunities to license road races, normally its 4,000 a year and major championships being thwarted the organisation was facing multiple challenges. Chris talks about the changes made to online training and coaching and while it didn’t suit everyone, it’s now here to stay a – blended approach he says.

The organisation made great strides around supporting the community, employees and volunteers on mental wellbeing and enlisting the likes of Ben Smith and Jack Green for webinars.

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