Beyond This Earth Special: "The Rational Male Religion and Positive Masculinity" Part Three - The Great Mainstream Media Scare Tatic & Weapon that Is Pornography.

Beyond This Earth

13-02-2021 • 1 hr 18 mins

Note: This Episode is Extremely Explicit and is not for audiences unable to deal with the topics discussed. I will reiterate this until my last breath, this episode is not in support of the practice. These are personal observations along with research done by many other writers, researchers these writers name in their books, and other life experiences. What is mentioned here is not for anybody younger than 18. This isn't a game. Mankind is going through a world wide crisis and a world wide sickness and the reason for both is the disrespect society continues to have for the other half of the world population. There has the a road to a solution and I am trying my best to leave the world better than I left it. These series are one of those ways. Again, to mention further, this is EXTREMELY EXPLICIT and I will not censor my words to make others happy for any reason. If there are issues that can be discussed, take it up with Mr Tommassi, Mr Tsarion and Mr Greer and all the researched links i have showcased on here. This is the final warning.

Pornography has gotten a bad rap. In fact - it has saved more marriages than caused break ups. But why it has been used as a weapon? For money of course and for a way to bring more women into political and social uplift in certain ways.

The real problem the traditional conservatives have is that they played right into the Folgers Family Trap, with Big Bad Porn being the scare tactic. And they used Feminism to try to destroy the Porn Business when they knew Feminism hated men at all terms and ways. In a way Porn exposed the real problem, prostitution and the way it destroy civilizations - because men have the capability to have unlimited access to unlimited sex and well...Prostitutes cost money. Attention is currency in a woman's world and the more money one flashes the more attention one got...and the easiest way was sexual.

So how does Prostitution can destroy civilization? Through the next 90 mins, you will find out. Its a doozy.

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