What's For Reading Podcast - 20th-century Book Quest

Gwen & Mimi

Congrats, you are one chat away from treasure! 🤩 We're Gwen and Mimi, two avid readers. After a few months discussing books and suggesting reads to each other, we realised that the books we both loved were written in the 20th century. This is how we created the only conversational podcast focusing on books of the 20th century, famous or awaiting world-wide recognition. Because not all the great books are official classics, and because we take a personal approach to reading. We believe that each reader has their preferences, and that it’s perfectly ok to dislike books generally acclaimed as classics, and to love books that are not generally praised. So here we are now in search of 20th-century literary gems, to help you pick books of the last century and curate your own list of greatest books ever. If you are a curious mind eager to discover the magic of 20th-century books, a general reader looking to broaden your literary horizons in search of the best books to read, 20th-Century Book Quest is the bookish podcast for you!  We discuss our reading experiences of the book, the characters, the settings, the themes, and anything that caught our attention. And we also try to open on a few related book recommendations.  Eclectic Selection: In our conversations on books we go beyond the classics, embracing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Whether it's a groundbreaking classic or a hidden treasure, in our literature podcast there's always something new and unexpected to discover. No Literary Degree Required: This isn't a podcast for hardcore literary analysis; it’s a book podcast for bookworms where we share the joy of reading. In each conversation on books, we offer insights, book recommendations, and discussions in a friendly manner. Subscribe to the 20th-Century Book Quest podcast and let's make the exploration of 20th-century literature a delightful journey, and let us help you pick books of the last century and curate your own list of greatest books ever!  You can find us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/whatsforreading/  Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information. read less