Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 16: These Are Our Favorite Things!

Sometimes There's Side Eye

10-08-2023 • 24 mins

Do you want to know some of our favorite dog related things? We seem to have a favorite everything!  We are covering everything from favorite podcasts to favorite kennels, life jackets to nail files, and the list goes on.  We even throw in 2 favorite items that aren't even products as a bonus.  Listen to find out what all our favorite things are and why we recommend them.

This episode does not feature any sponsored products or links.

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Links to our favorite things:

The Podcast | Cog Dog Radio | Sarah Stremming, Cog Dog Coach (

New Podcast – Drinking from the Toilet | Hannah Branigan – Wonderpups Training

Dog Training Podcast - Listen Now | Paws & Reward Podcast (

Rescue Strong

Tooth & Honey – Pitbull Clothing I Large Dog Clothes for Bully Breeds (

Home | Primo Pads : biothane long line

Collections | RuffwearBeadie Babiez bead pet colllars

***Beauty Secrets Black Rectangular Cushion Nail File | Nail Files (

ASP Extra Heavy Black Angle Board Nail File 100/180 (