Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 30: Adding A Dog

Sometimes There's Side Eye

04-04-2024 • 31 mins

In this episode we are talking through adding a 3rd dog to your home (or really any new dog to a home with existing dogs).  Obviously expenses, time and space are considerations, but the list is much more than these basics.  Whether you are adopting an adult dog or adding a puppy there are many things to think through beyond the basics like dog personalities and individual needs.  Knowing your existing dogs, understanding their needs as well as the needs of the humans in your home are going to play a big part in adding another dog.  Often adding a 3rd dog requires more management, because additional relationships can quickly change the dynamic of the current household dogs.  Please be sure to stay tuned to hear Heather say nice things about the bulldog as well in this episode!

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