Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 14: Traveling with Dogs!

Sometimes There's Side Eye

13-07-2023 • 1 hr 23 mins

This week, we are excited to have special guest and traveling guru, Tara McKinny, on the show!  This episode is for everyone, whether you've never traveled with your dog or if you travel consistently with your dog. Tara has so many straightforward and epic ideas to make multidog vacations safe and fun for dogs with different needs/personalities, including dog reactive dogs.  We are talking safety, short term rentals, camping, and all the products that will make traveling with dogs so much better. Of course, we are sharing stories of our success and hilarious mishaps, while traveling.  We can pretty much guarantee you will learn something new while being entertained.

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Tara's Amazon Store

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Tooth & Honey Incredible dog clothing options

Nellis Auction - Phoenix, AZ

Belly Bands For the boys dogs : )

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Sniffspot Private Dog Park Rentals

Aluminet Shade clothes

Ryobi Fans Battery operated fans