Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 20: Thinking of Getting a Dog?

Sometimes There's Side Eye

05-10-2023 • 45 mins

Are you considering adding a new dog to your family?  In this episode we discuss the many things we personally think through before adding an additional 4-legged family member.  One item that is a high priority on both of our lists is energy level.  Now is not the time to hope your future dog will be your workout coach, inspiring you to a new levels of fitness that you've never experienced before. We also carefully weigh what health issues  are important and what health issues are functional in our homes and for our dogs.  Other top considerations are lifestyle, motivation levels, intelligence, size, and a variety of other physical characteristics.  Additionally, we just had to mention how important personality is to us.  This can be something as simple as a dog who has a silly side to as important as sociability levels with dogs and people.  While our list is not exhaustive, we think it will give you a good foundation to start thinking through what is most important to you in your next dog.

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