Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 22: Odin's Journey

Sometimes There's Side Eye

02-11-2023 • 1 hr 24 mins

In this episode we are talking with special guest Monica Adalsteinsson from Pup + Me Photo about her experience living with her last dog, Odin. We would like to warn listeners that there may be content in this episode that some individuals may find triggering as we revisit some of her experiences over the years which do include dog bites, etc.  We also want to issue a tissue warning on this episode as all 3 of us shed a few tears at some point during this one. However, even with these warnings, we think this episode is an important one. We talk through what Monica and her husband Evan went through when they adopted a dog who had more behavioral issues than they were initially led to believe.  We talk through how multiple emotions can exist at once, when loving a dog with behavioral issues, and how beauty can exist in difficult situations.  Odin is still influencing Monica and Evan's choices today in ways that honor him and the dogs they work with on a daily basis through their business; and that is a beautiful thing.

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