Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 19: Ethical Breeding with Lorelei Craig

Sometimes There's Side Eye

21-09-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

We are wrapping up our series on ethical rescue and breeding with ethical breeder Lorelei.  She tells us about her breeding program and rescue efforts alike.  Lorelei explains how much time and effort she put into selecting purchasers, selecting breeding pairs, and building a strong foundation for her puppies through things like puppy culture. She also shares everything from why she started breeding dogs to some of her favorites, and even some of the most difficult parts of dog breeding.  We discussed some of the ways ethical breeders work together to keep dogs out of the shelter, while preserving the breeds they love.  Additionally, we talk through the good and bad parts of phrases like "adopt, don't shop" and how the dogs in our communities at large, can benefit when we have ethical breeders available because of the immeasurable knowledge they have, and are willing to share.

Lorelei has been involved in the sport of purebred dogs since she was a teen in the 70s. Her parents had Russian Wolfhounds. In the 80s, she worked on a cutting horse ranch and had an Australian Shepherd and Schipperke. They used the dogs and horses to bring cattle in from the pastures.  In the late 90s, she got involved in Miniature Bull Terriers, and then Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and then eventually standard Bull Terriers.  Lorelei has always valued her partner mentor breeders because there is so much to learn from others.   In the last 10 years she has breed 8 litters and has 8 home bred champions and a number of Staffords competing successfully in sports.   She operates under the affix Ciera Staffords and Bull Terriers. Her main concern in breeding is temperament and health from a pet owner’s perspective. She is a member in good standing of the SBTCA, BTCA, and MBTCA. She is the current Editor of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club magazine and Annual book. Lorelei also helps the Bull Terrier club with articles for the magazines.  Recently, she has been approved to judge Staffordshire Bull Terriers at AKC events. She is looking forward to adding Bull Terriers in the future.

Lorelei did not get involved in rescue until 2010.  Prior to that, she had only been a foster fail. In this time, she has fostered countless puppies and dogs over the last 13 years. She focuses primarily on puppies but been willing to help wherever needed. She has gone to shelters to identify dogs, evaluate temperaments, and help transport.  She has also photographed and videoed dogs for marketing purposes.  She has gone to many an adoption event.  Currently she works with Bull Terrier Rescue, and I usually have a Bull Terrier foster at my house.

Lorelei loves to write and has written articles on fostering successfully, choosing homes, and contracts, and many more dog that are dog related. She also enjoys graphic, publication and web design and photography.

You can find Lorelei at her website:

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