Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 21: Puppy parties!!!

Sometimes There's Side Eye

19-10-2023 • 29 mins

This week we are talking about puppy parties! We've mentioned puppy parties in some of our previous episodes, and since Heather just got back from a puppy party, we are talking through this recent experience.  This fun and lighthearted episode gives a more personalized recap of puppy parties for anyone who may be curious about them. We talk about how stations are set up, what the stations included, and why.  We also talk through the benefits of meeting the puppies in person, and why this was important enough to Heather for her to travel to another country to participate. Additionally, we talk about how Heather and Lisa (the breeder) were able to compare notes and make sure they were both on the same page.  While there weren't many surprises when meeting the puppies, Heather was able to gain a lot of insight during her interactions with them.

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