Sometimes There's Side Eye - Episode 15: Responsible Rescue

Sometimes There's Side Eye

27-07-2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

In this episode we are tackling the topic of responsible rescue. We acknowledge that this is a difficult topic, but we feel it's important because ethics matter when it comes to rescue. While there can be a lot of grey area and exceptions to the rules in rescue, we also think there can be some solid pillars to look for responsible rescue. Having a nonprofit status, transparency, responsible disbursement of available resources, dogs getting adopted out/dogs not being hoarded, cleanliness, ongoing owner support, a lifelong commitment to the dogs adopted out, and adopting out dogs that are safe for adopters and the community are just some of the pillars we believe need to be present for responsible rescue.  We also address the pitfalls of the "No Kill" and "Save Them All" movements.  Lastly, we wrap things up by exploring ways to support responsible rescues so they can continue doing great work for the dogs and our communities.

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